Artificial Whale Poo to Remove Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

How it works

Tiny creatures on the Ocean's surface (phytoplankton) grow naturally by removing carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere

Phytoplankton populations have declined in several areas due to factors such as whaling, overfishing and a warming ocean. This has resulted in a reduction of carbon dioxide removed by the ocean.

Whalex aims to restore this loss by feeding phytoplankton with artificial whale poo.

This will increase phytoplankton populations in a controlled manner, which thereby remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Carbon-rich phytoplankton then naturally sink to the ocean floor over multiple cycles of growth and decay. This carbon is then permanently stored away from the atmosphere for 1000 years or more.

Our Team

John Ridley

Environmental Professional in Regenerative Health for Soils, Oceans and Atmosphere. I have worked as an environmental scientist for more than 30 years based in Europe, Asia and Australia. My passion is helping to solve grand challenges such as food and climate security. I founded a soil restoration company in Australia called Converte and also was a co-founder of Ocean Nourishment launched in Sydney Australia in 2007.

Edwina Tanner

I am a climate scientist and an entrepreneur who is interested in innovative solutions for the planets health and wellbeing. I am a strong research professional with a PhD in marine science. I have skills in estuarine carbon budgets, hydrodynamics, fisheries and upwelling. I am working with the Ocean Nourishment Corporation team on an ocean technology solution to draw down carbon dioxide, help restore fisheries and create a multi-million dollar carbon offset industry.

Jill Storey

I have a broad range of international consulting experience having been a partner with Andersen, Deloitte and KPMG in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. I am currently a Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability Advisor to the Ocean Nourishment Corporation working on their ocean-based climate solution and carbon offset methodology and the CEO of ReadyFundGo, a crowdfunding platform for climate solutions. I am passionate about the role carbon pricing can play in moving the dial to NetZero.

Lakshmi Bala

Lakshmi’s formal background was in Psychology however after graduating from university, pursued entrepreneurship. After travelling the world and witnessing some of the dire impacts climate change has had on our environment, Lakshmi decided to dedicate her skills to working in CDR while pursuing Bio-Engineering.

Peter Wheen

Leading Professional Engineer in the Private and Government Infrastructure Sector. Over 35 years of Senior Engineering Management, Development and Construction expertise. Responsible for the planning and implementation of technically complex, award winning, multidisciplinary, road, rail, and infrastructure projects on location in the USA, Australia and SE Asia. Specialist in Tunnels and Marine Works. Author of several peer reviewed technical papers in Infrastructure and Ocean Engineering.

Sid French

By profession I am a structural engineer with four decades of experience in marine and land infrastructure projects. Over the last two decades I have increased my interest in environmental issues and have chaired the Ocean Nourishment Foundation since its inception. Its goal is to enhance the recovery of fisheries, with benefits flowing to indigenous fisherfolk in regions adjacent to areas of ocean nourishment. I bring to the team a strong record of project development and innovation.

Samantha Lavendar

Dr Samantha Lavender is Managing Director of Pixalytics Ltd with over 20 years of research experience focusing on the use of satellite Earth observation to help answer questions about our planet’s resources and behaviour. She has always been a scientist who is interested in learning and collaborating across a range of different interests, developing products for a broad community of users including being an author of the ‘Practical Handbook in Remote Sensing’.

Robert Wheen

I'm a retired academic, (Civil Engineering, University of Sydney 1969-2004), with a prior career in bridge design. I delight in new ideas and I'm passionate about the prospects of the Ocean Nourishment concept in addressing carbon capture on a very large scale.

Gopala Maurer

Wife, Mother and Earth Advocate XPrize - Social License Life Experience: Community Leader, Environmentalist, Strategist, Not for Profit, Change Leader, Program/Project management, Operations management, Service delivery, Competitor experience, ICT Security, Transformation, Compliance, Planning policy and process analytics, Capability Development & Marketing,